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Note: F = Fresh, W = Wild, S = Sashimi, FR = Farmed

Fresh Fish

Sushi Salmon Ctr Cut  F S FR, skin on Fillet CAN          16.95 /lb

Salmon Tail (leaner cut) F S FR, Fillet CAN          14.95 /lb

Ahi Tuna F S W, Steaks Tahiti          26.95 /lb

Bluefin Tuna F S W, Steaks California          34.95 /lb

Branzino Sea Bass F FR, Whole clean Cypress          16.95 /lb

Branzino Butterflied F FR, Butterflied Cypress          24.95 /lb

CA King Salmon F W, Fillet California          29.95 /lb

Chilean Sea Bass  W, Fillet NZ          38.95 /lb

Fish Mix   Seasoned Trimmings Varies            9.95 /lb

Gold Spotted Bass F W, Whole Mex            5.95 /lb

Grouper F W, Fillet Mex          26.95 /lb

Hamachi(one & a half lb) S FR, Loin Japan          45.00 ea

John Dory F W, Fillet NZ          29.95 /lb

Orange Roughy F W, Fillet NZ          29.95 /lb

Opaka Paka F W, Fillet Mex          17.95 /lb

North Pacific Halibut F W, Fillet AK          31.95 /lb

N. Pac Halibut Cheeks F W AK          29.95 /lb

Rainbow Trout F FR, Fillet ID          18.95 /lb

Red Snapper F W, Whole clean Mex          12.95 /lb

Sashimi Platter call to order, serves 4-6          99.00 ea

Small Sashimi Plate  call to order, serves 1-2          39.95 ea

Steelhead F FR, Fillet WA          18.95 /lb

Striped Pangasius FR, Fillet Viet            7.95 /lb

Swordfish F W, Steak EQU          26.95 /lb

White Sea Bass F W, Fillet Mex          24.95 /lb

Shellfish and More

Sea Urchin/Uni (Fri) F W, Live (Fri, Sat, Sun) California            9.95 ea

Lobster Live F W, Live (various sizes) Maine          19.95 /lb

Diver Scallops U10 F W S, Dry USA          32.95 /lb

Bay Scallops  F W, Dry Mex          16.95 /lb

Wild King Salmon Roe F W , 7 oz USA          18.99 ea

Red King Crab Legs W, Jumbo RUS          36.95 /lb

White Shrimp 16/20 EZ Peel MX          16.95 /lb

White Shrimp - Jumbo 6-8 EZ Peel MX          27.95 /lb

Red Shrimp 13/15 Wild Untreated EZ Peel ARG          18.95 /lb

Calamari Easy to clean, whole California            5.95 /lb

Calamari Steaks Request, 5/6oz VN            9.95 /lb

Spanish Octopus W, Tent or Head Spain          12.95 /lb

Live Oysters (1 dozen) Minterbrook USA          15.00 ea

Oyster Jar          15.00 ea

Live Black Mussels Whales Cove Baja            6.95 /lb

Live Green Mussels 2lb Pack  NZ          17.90 ea

Live Clams Manila USA            8.95 /lb

House-Made Smoked Fish

Smoked Salmon  Traditional Style           24.95 /lb

Smoked Salmon  Sweet Glazed          24.95 /lb

Lox -cold smoked Salmon aprox 4-5 oz          10.50 ea

House-Made Salads

Ahi Tuna Poke  Gluten Free, Non-treated, never frozen          15.95 /lb

Salmon Poke  Gluten Free, Non-treated, never frozen          15.95 /lb

Fish Ceviche House Made Style          12.95 /lb

Shrimp Ceviche House Made Style          10.95 /lb

Seaweed Salad House Made Fresh - All Natural          19.95 /lb

Smoked Salmon Dip House Made Style          12.95 /lb

Wasabi            1.00 ea

Ginger (out of stock) Pickled in house            3.00 ea

Nori  Fifty Dried Seaweed Sheets          15.00 ea

Cans and Jars

Fish Stock House Made Style 16oz            6.95 ea

Sockeye Salmon  No Oil or Water -Seven oz            6.95 ea

Sardines  Organic Olive Oil-Fiveoz            5.95 ea

Fish Bones and More

Fresh Fish Bones fresh            2.50 /lb

Salmon Skin special order            1.99 /lb

All Beef, Lamb and Pork must be PRE-ORDERED BY 2pm Saturday to arrive on Monday

You may also pick up your order at the Fullerton Store.

Farmers Market pickups are not available yet.

Fresh Grass-Fed, Free Range Ground Beef

Bulk Ground Beef Fresh, Two lb Pack NZ          15.90 ea

Ground Beef Patties Fresh, Patties Two lb Pack NZ          15.90 ea

Fresh USDA Choice Grade Beef

Boneless Ribeye Steaks Fresh, one Steak CAN          24.95 /lb

Bone-in Tomahawk Steak Fresh, TWO LB  Steak CAN          59.95 /lb

New York Steak Fresh, one Steak CAN          24.95 /lb

Chuck Roast Fresh, Two and a half lb CAN          45.00 ea

Tri Tip Roast Fresh, Whole Roast 2.5lbs CAN          49.95 ea

T-bone Steak Fresh, one Steak CAN          26.95 /lb

Porterhouse Steak Fresh, TWO LB Steak CAN          59.95 /lb

Fillet Mignon Fresh, two steaks, One Lb CAN          31.95 /lb

Fresh Grass-Fed, Free Range Lamb

Rack of Lamb Frenched Fresh,Three Quarter lb rack NZ          23.00 ea

Fresh Pork

Pork Chop Tomahawk Fresh, One lb USA            9.95 /lb

Baby Back Rib Racks Fresh, Two & a half lbs USA          25.00 ea

Applewood Bacon Fresh, Sliced, One lb USA            9.95 /lb

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