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Note: F = Fresh, W = Wild, S = Sashimi, FR = Farmed

Fresh Fish

Sushi Salmon Ctr Cut  F S FR, skin on Fillet CAN          16.95 /lb

Salmon Tail (leaner cut) F S FR, Fillet CAN          14.95 /lb

Ahi Tuna F S W, Steaks & Saku Fiji          21.95 /lb

Black Cod F W, Fillet California          24.95 /lb

Bluefin - Fatty F S FR, Steaks Mex          36.95 /lb

Bluefin Toro Avail to ship Tues Mex          54.95 /lb

Branzino Sea Bass F FR, Whole clean Cypress          16.95 /lb

Chilean Sea Bass  W, Fillet NZ          38.95 /lb

Fish Mix   Seasoned Trimmings Varies            9.95 /lb

Hamachi(one & a half lb) S FR, Loin Japan          45.00 ea

Golden Corvina Sea Bass F W, Fillet EQU          24.95 /lb

John Dory F W, Fillet NZ          29.95 /lb

Northern Halibut F W, Fillet AK          31.95 /lb

Kampachi-HI Yellowtail F S FR, Fillet La Paz          29.95 /lb

Kampachi-HI Collars F S FR La Paz          12.95 /lb

King Salmon - Wild Available Sat AK          29.95 /lb

Opaka Paka F W, Fillet Mex          17.95 /lb

Orange Roughy F W, Fillet NZ          29.95 /lb

Rainbow Trout F FR, Fillet ID          18.95 /lb

Skate Wing  F W, Whole Mex            5.95 /lb

Sashimi Platter call to order, serves 4-6          99.00 ea

Small Sashimi Plate  call to order, serves 1-2          39.95 ea

Sheephead F W, Whole Local/Baja            9.95 /lb

Steelhead F FR S, Fillet OR          24.95 /lb

Striped Pangasius FR, Fillet Viet            7.95 /lb

Swordfish F W, Steaks Fiji          21.95 /lb

Shellfish and More

Lobster Live (preorder) F W, Live-one and a half lb) Maine          35.00 ea

Diver Scallops U10 F W S, Dry USA          32.95 /lb

Bay Scallops  F W, Dry Mex          16.95 /lb

Wild Salmon Roe/Caviar Seven Oz pack AK          19.99 ea

Red King Crab Legs W, Jumbo RUS          38.95 /lb

White Shrimp 16/20 EZ Peel MX          16.95 /lb

White Shrimp - Jumbo 6-8 EZ Peel MX          27.95 /lb

Red Shrimp - Natural Wild Clean, Peeled ARG          24.95 /lb

Calamari Easy to clean, whole California            5.95 /lb

Calamari Steaks By Request, 5/6oz VN            9.95 /lb

Octopus W, Tent or Head Philip            6.95 /lb

Live Oysters (1 dozen) Minterbrook USA          15.00 ea

Live Black Mussels Whales Cove Baja            6.95 /lb

Live Green Mussels 2lb Pack  NZ          17.90 ea

Live Clams Littleneck USA            8.95 /lb

House-Made Smoked Fish

Smoked Salmon  Traditional Style           24.95 /lb

Smoked Salmon  Sweet Glazed          24.95 /lb

Lox -cold smoked Salmon aprox 4-5 oz          10.50 ea

House-Made Salads

Ahi Tuna Poke  Gluten Free, Non-treated, never frozen          15.95 /lb

Salmon Poke  Gluten Free, Non-treated, never frozen          15.95 /lb

Blue Crab Meat Claw Meat only          24.95 /lb

Blue Crab Mix Similar to CA roll mix, but with real Blue Crab          24.95 /lb

Fish Ceviche House Made Style          12.95 /lb

Shrimp Ceviche House Made Style          10.95 /lb

Seaweed Salad House Made Fresh - All Natural          19.95 /lb

Smoked Salmon Dip House Made Style          12.95 /lb

Wasabi            1.00 ea

Sea Beans -Salicornia Salty Edible Sea Plant          11.95 /lb

Roasted Seaweed Sheets Vegan, GF, Five Sheets in a pack            4.00 ea

Nori  Fifty Dried Seaweed Sheets          15.00 ea

Cans and Jars

Fish Stock House Made Style 16oz            6.95 ea

Sockeye Salmon  No Oil or Water -Seven oz            6.95 ea

Sardines  Organic Olive Oil-Fiveoz            5.95 ea

Fish Bones and More

Fresh Fish Bones fresh            2.50 /lb

Salmon Skin special order            1.99 /lb

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